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Poland for weekend - tailor made tours

We make you feel like at home...

We have been travelling around the world and we know how valuable is an honest and friendly local guide and trustful tour operator.

At Poland4Weekend we are always on hand to offer you comfort and safe travel as well as good value for money services during your stay in Poland.

You may want us to accompany you through the whole trip, part of the trip or just help you to book pleasant accommodation, restaurants or transportation.


Check our featured tours - city breaks, history tours, nature & eno tours, romantic escapes, family trips. All of our trips can be modified according to your wishes.


We can also create a completely new and unique program for you. We offer tailor made private tours fully personalised to your budget, interest and needs.

Discover beautiful cities, landmarks and great cultural and historical heritage of Poland!

Poland is one of the largest countries in Europe with a 440km coastline.
Beautiful sandy beaches stretch along the whole coast and although the Baltic Sea is a cold sea, in summer, in the current warmer climate, attracts crowds of tourists and water sports enthusiasts.
Puck Bay is a paradise for lovers of windsurfing and kite surfing. Numerous shipwrecks (including those from WW2) attract divers. Coastal eco-systems (Karsibór, Sobieszewo) are a treat for bird-watchers

Warmia, Mazury, Podlasie (north-east) are called the Green Lungs of Poland. The least populated area, with 4 National Parks (including Primeval Forest in Białowieża) and the cleanest air in this part of Europe.

For active tourists Mazurian Lakes, with over a thousand lakes and numerous channels between them, offer boats, sailing boats and canoeing tours. 

For gourmets of regional cuisine, Podlasie is second to none to none with its delicacies, dumplings, sausages, potato dumplings and homemade alcoholic beverages. Here you will feel like time has stopped.

Mazovia (Warsaw area) and Lower Silesia (Wroclaw area) with numerous museums, palaces, castle ruins, legendary battlefields is a feast for history lovers. 

East of Poland (Lublin, Zamość, Kazimierz Dolny) are gems of Renaissance architecture. 

One could write volumes about majestic Krakow. Here you will find some interesting travel tips about Krakow. Browse what to see in Kraków.

South of Poland is dominated by mountains: Sudetes and Carpathians with the highest Tatra Mountains. Especially Podhale and Zakopane are known for their unique highlander culture: traditional costumes, music, dialect and oscypek (traditionally smoked goat’s cheese), winter sleigh rides and loud event celebrations. 

The best place to relax is in the Bieszczady Mountains, the remote south-east end of Poland where you can meet wild wolves and bears (on the second thought, better not!!) and enjoy the views the Wetlińska and other low mountain pastures and valleys. Perfect for trekking.


Currently, there are several new airports in Poland that serve international traffic. Numerous low-cost airlines have continuous promotions. 


When is the best time to visit Poland? All year round!

Weekend is not long enough to discover beautiful Poland, but even if you have only a few days, you are cordially invited!

At Poland for Weekend we guarantee you comfort and safe travel.

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