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Auschwitz - Birkenau and Krakow

All over the world, Auschwitz has become a symbol of terror, genocide, and the Holocaust.

Established by Germans in 1940, in the suburbs of Oswiecim. Its name was changed to Auschwitz, which also became the name of Konzentrationslager Auschwitz.

The direct reason for the establishment of the camp was the fact that mass arrests of Poles were increasing beyond the capacity of existing "local" prisons. The first transport of Poles reached KL Auschwitz from Tarnów prison on June 14, 1940.

Initially, Auschwitz was to be one more concentration camp of the type that the Nazis had been setting up since the early 1930s. It functioned in this role throughout its existence, even when, beginning in 1942, it also became the largest of the death camps.

When construction of Auschwitz-Birkenau began in October 1941, it was supposed to be a camp for 125 thousand prisoners of war. It opened as a branch of Auschwitz in March 1942, and served at the same time as a center for the extermination of the Jews. In its final phase, from 1944, it also became a place where prisoners were concentrated before being transferred to labor in German industry in the depths of the Third Reich.

The majority—probably about 90%—of the victims of Auschwitz Concentration Camp died in Birkenau. This means approximately a million people! The majority, more than nine out of every ten, were Jews. A large proportion of the more than 70 thousand Poles who died or were killed in the Auschwitz complex perished in Birkenau. So did approximately 20 thousand Gypsies, in addition to Soviet POWs and prisoners of other nationalities. 

Auschwitz has been liberated by the Russian 60th Army on 27th of January, 1945.

This visit gives you unique opportunity of finding out the darkest recess of human nature.

Day 1


Transfer from Krakow airport/railway station to your hotel. 

Overnight in Krakow.

Krakow Kazimierz
Day 2

After breakfast, your guide will take you for a private tour to Auschwitz-Birkenau (approx. 1.5h drive from Krakow).

Time for sightseeing approx 4h.


Transfer to Krakow.

The evening is free to spend at leisure. 

Overnight in Krakow.

Day 3


Today we visit Jewish Quarter (Kazimierz) with beautiful old buildings, old Synagogues and cemeteries, flea market where you can buy unique souvenirs and chance to taste a Cracow speciality Zapiekankaa kind of toasted baguette served with variety of ingredients.


Schindler’s Factory  - where the famous Steven Spielberg movie Schindler’s List was shot.


In the afternoon we propose a visit to the multimedia Historic Museum of Kraków, situated under the Main Market Square. A unique archeological preserve is a unique place in Europe. You will learn about the turbulent times of medieval city.

Day 4


After breakfast at your hotel you will be transferred to airport/railway station in Krakow.

Upon your inquiry a detailed quote will be provided.

If you wish to extend your stay and do the other sightseeing tours in Poland, please let us know in your comments in get-a-quote form.


Please note, that at Poland for weekend you can always modify your trip. Let us help you to plan your tailor made program.

Wawel Krakow
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