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Code Riese – The Secrets of WW2 - private tour


Riese is the codename of a secret Nazi Germany giant underground complex situated in the Góry Sowie, in Lower Silesia, previously Germany, now a territory of Poland. The complex was one of the most guarded secrets of WW2.


Between 1943 and 1945 over a dozen kilometers of underground tunnels, chambers and caves were built using slave workers from neighbouring concentration camp. Originally planned as an underground complex (covering 35 hectares) of factories producing arms and ammunition (V2 and V7, the so-called Hitler’s Wunderwaffe) and hidden military bases also included adaptation works within the castle and the surrounding mountains. The purpose of this huge complex has not been uncovered, as the plans were modified numerously during the works and there are still many theories as to what purpose these underground facilities had. Before the Red Army entered the area, the Germans blew most of them up and the plans and documents vanished. It still is one of the greatest mysteries of the WW2 and the III Reich.

During the evacuation of Germans in May 1945, they covered and hid most of the constructed or already concrete rooms. Speculations are that they wanted to hide something there and what is more interesting, that something may very well still be there today!

Read more about the secrets of Riese Code on our blog.


This tour is for the enthusiasts of history and the military. You will be guided by a local Riese expert who will take you to these sinister underground chambers and tunnels. Your tour will a travel in time to places not available to the average tourist.

Day 1


Transfer from Wroclaw airport/railway station to your hotel. 

Overnight in Wroclaw.

Day 2


After breakfast our guide will pick you up from your hotel in Wroclaw.

Today you will visit Osówka, the most famous part of Riese complex (approx. 3h including underground route). 

After lunch you will be taken to Książ Castle. Throughout the ages, it passed through  many owners, families and countries but in spite of wars and partial damage it still is a stately and grand structure.

The tour includes the castle, environs and the undergrounds.

Overnight in Wałbrzych.

Ksiaz Castle
Day 3


Today after breakfast your guide will take you for a tour in Włodarz Underground Complex, Molke Museum, and Jedlinka Palace. 

In the afternoon you will be transferred to Wroclaw to your hotel.


Overnight in Wrocław.

Day 4

After breakfast transfer to airport/railway station.

If you wish to extend your stay and do the other sightseeing tours in Poland, please let us know in your comments.


Please note, that at Poland for weekend you can always modify your trip.

We offer also one-day private tour to RIESE complex.


Let us help you to plan your tailor made program.

Price starting at $350*

Inclusions: private transfers, meals as mentioned, private local guide (English speaking);

Exclusions: accommodation, international/domestic flights, visas (if necessary), travel insurance, meals not mentioned, entry fees to visited museums & objects, tips, personal expenses.

The starting price is per person and based on two travellers sharing a room. 

Upon inquiry a detailed quote will be provided.

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