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Please note that all of our featured tours can be modified according to your wishes.  

Select one of our itineraries or let us customise your tailor-made trip based on your preferences. We organize theme excursions and off the beaten path tours personalized to your budget, interest and needs.

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Krakow Energylandia

Kraków Family Package


It might seem that Kraków is reserved for visitors who admire history, architecture, religious art, etc.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Attractions for children and the youngest are numerous here.

Krakow family trip detais

Wrocław Dwarfs Family Tour


There are more than 500 Dwarfs figures placed all over the city. They are not more than 30cm high and quite difficult to find. Each Dwarf has its own history, but the idea has roots in communist times. 

Wroclaw Family trip details
Wroclaw Dwarf
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