80th Anniversary of the outbreak of World War Two.

Westerplatte, 1st of September 1939, outbreak of WW2
Westerplatte, 1st of September 1939

On 1 September 1939 at 4.45 am the German battleship Schleswig-Holstein opened fire on the Polish garrison of the Westerplatte Fort Gdansk (Danzig).

In the early hours of the same day, 62 German divisions (1,5 million men supported by 1,900 aircraft) commenced the invasion of Poland.

The blitzkrieg begun, tanks, bombing raids on infrastructure and towns, and killing of the civilians was the quintessential total war of modern times. This was the beginning of II World War.

WW2, Nazi Soldiers cross German-Polish border
WW2, Nazi Soldiers cross German-Polish border

The Soviet Union crossed the Polish borders from the east on 17 September 1939.

Warsaw was surrounded on 28 September 1939.

Poland was divided between Germany and Soviet Union. The almost 6 years of nightmare begun.

Westerplatte monument
Westerplatte monument

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