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Carnaval of the Magicians in Lublin

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Highline Festival Lublin
Highline Festival Lublin

Carnaval of the Magicians (this year in July, 25-28) is a time of crazy shows on the border of theatre and new circus.

Inspired by the figure of the Magician of Lublin (Sztukmistrz z Lublina) – the title character of Noble Laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer’s novel, the Carnival is the biggest and the most important New Circus festival in this part of Europe.

Street artists and masters of circus art from all over the world come to the city to present magical, breathtaking performances and shows. It is the most performatively diverse festival in the country. A unique and inspiring bazaar with art.

Only in Lublin on Carnaval you can see the best in the art of contemporary circus, clownery, acrobatics and busking from all over the world.

In addition, Carnaval also hosts the Urban Highline, the oldest and still largest hygline festival in the world. The Festival of Walking on Tape is a combination of an element of the city's identity - an iconic figure of the Magician from Lublin (Sztukmistrz z Lublina), with a new emerging discipline - slacklining.

All the attractions of both events are located in the very centre of the city and in its historic part. At that time, apart from unusual artistic and sporting impressions, workshop modules, for those who want to learn juggling or slackline and a playground for the youngest, Lublin also offers fantastic aesthetic impressions in a special way illuminating the architecture of the Old Town.

Here you will find our proposals for your Lublin tour:

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