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Updated: Dec 7, 2018

It is not without a reason that we start with this old slogan, because the Warsaw Autumn Festival has its roots in the communist times.

In Poland, a country behind the Iron Curtain, culture and artists were constantly on the loop out for censorship. However, since 1956 the communist authorities have not only allowed but also financed “artistic extravagances” under the banner of the Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music.

For Poles this event was a sort of window to the outside world, a breath of fresh air, an island of creative musical freedom. For the visiting musicians it was probably the only, at the time of the festivals’ early editions, a chance to see what is beyond the Iron Curtain.

Over time, the festival has gained a worldwide recognition, and at present hosts many eminent local and international artists. The open multitude formula includes not only concerts in the music halls, but music installations, open air performances and modern club music as well.

If you want to see how sound creates images and vice-versa you need to visit Warsaw these days!

You will find the detailed program of the Festival here.

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