End of Communism in Poland - 30th Anniversary

Parliamentary Election Poster, Poland 1989
Parliamentary Election Poster, Poland 1989

4 June 1989 – 30th anniversary of Poland’s comeback to the free world.

It was 30 years ago; a popular actress, Joanna Szczepkowska was invited to regime’s TV evening news to talk about her latest film and career.

She suddenly declared:

"Ladies and Gentleman, on 4th July 1989 the communism in Poland is over”.

This was not a live broadcast, but recorded 10 minutes before the live feed and is still quoted as one of the milestones of that time.

Poland was the first Eastern Block country which, though not 100% democratic, held elections on 4th June 1989.

They led to the formation of a government headed by Tadeusz Mazowiecki and a peaceful transition to democracy.

The round table talks held early in the 1989 after the strikes and serious economic problems, were led by Lech Wałęsa, leader of “Solidarity” on one hand and the ruling communist government on the other.

Under the accord, "Solidarity" was made legal after being outlawed seven years ago after martial law was imposed.

The agreements also provided for parliamentary elections (held June 4, 1989) in which the Communist Party, to their great surprise, experienced a “landslide loss”, Solidarity and opposition a surprising "landslide victory".

Poland’s experience chained reacted the final decomposition of communism in the Eastern Block.

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