Festival of Orthodox Church Music

Whoever has been to the Orthodox Church at least once during the Service and is sensitive to music has certainly experienced it in an exceptional way. I was lucky to be at a friend's wedding in Hajnówka. Purity of sounds, harmony of voices. . . an unbelievable feast for the ears.

There are no instruments in the Orthodox Church, the music is created only by human voices. I guess that's where the perfection comes from.

We’are about to have The International Festival of Orthodox Church Music „Hajnówka”.

Apart from presenting the great artistic and spiritual values of Orthodox Church music, the Festival’s program also creates an opportunity for discussions, meetings, an exchange of experiences, and establishing new relationships between participants coming from different environments. The repertoire presented during the Festival is a historical cross-section of music ranging from the beginnings of Christianity to contemporary compositions — including those by Polish composers (S. Moniuszko, J. Kozlowski, K. Szymanowski, K. Gorski, M. Rogowski, P. Jańczak, P. Lukaszewski, R. Twardowski, K. Penderecki).

The Festival is organized as a competition. It includes choirs regardless of their nationality and religion: Catholics, Greek Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Old Believers, as well as Muslims, Buddhists and Jews. The Festival’s openness, as well as the variety of repertoire and culture, is an example of mutual respect and tolerance, affirming the idea of the Musical Forum for the East and West.

Who is lucky and stays in Poland between 15-19 of May and loves that kind of music should not hesitate to visit Białystok.

Admission to the Inaugural Concert and Gala concert will be available at ticket office at the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic in Białystok. Admission for competition auditions is free.

Here is the link to the official website of the Festival.

If you need our assistance contact us at

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