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Jurassic Park in Poland?

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Why not?

We invite you to the biggest in Central Europe – the Park of Animatronic Dinosaurs where you will face, among other, a 35 meters long and 9 meters tall Juraissic Agentionsaurus!!! On top of this attraction you will meet the hissing, buzzing, humming and moving giant insects… yuck! They are so real that your parents will be frightened too…

For younger kids there are other attraction of the 21st century – mini costers, mini go-carts, castles, slides etc. The Mythology Park where you will ride in a gondola – revision of ancient history is made simple. After the 30 minutes ride you will remember all the Greek gods, who Cyclops were, the Troyan Horse etc. Ancient history fun and easy way.

All this in Zatorland, a complex of three theme parks: Park of Animatronic Dinosaurs, Park of Insects and Park of Mythology.

The park is situated 45 minutes drive from Kraków.

Open April to October.

Learn more about our Family Package Tour.

We can create a tailor-made tour for your family fully customised to your wishes and budget. Send us your inquiry and get a free quote!

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