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Cieszyn Silesia with children and more

Cieszyn Silesia (South-West of Poland) is not on the main tourist route for foreign guests.

It is a pity, because the area is exceptionally interesting and abundant in attractions. We went there with our children.

Bolek i Lolek Monument in Bielsko Biala, Poland

The largest city in the Bielsko Biała region is a perfect base for one-day trips outside the city. In the city itself there is a charming old town with the Sulkowski Castle, which towers over the city centre and is the oldest historical building in the historical centre of the city. Nearby is the Old Factory and Weaver's House. You can see a reconstructed dressing workshop.

Bielsko Biała is also a former industrial power, where animated films for children (Reksio, Bolek and Lolek) were made and the famous cars MALUCH (Fiat 126P) were produced.

Maluch Fiat 126P

For small travelers, who never have enough movement we recommend Jumpownia in Bielsko Biala, a place where a parent can relax with coffee and cake, and a child for 2 hours will disappear in the thicket of various trampolines.

By public bus you can get to the foot of Szyndzielnia (1028m above sea level) to the station of gondola railway, which takes tourists to the top. Since the end of 19C there is a tourist hostel there. From the lookout tower at the top of Szyndzielnia you can admire the magnificent panorama of the Beskidy Mountains.

For the persistent ones we offer easy trekking on the neighbouring mountain Klimczok (about 7 km).

Nearby in Dębowiec (can be reached by the same bus as at the foot of the Szyndzielnia) there is a summer toboggan run, open from April to November (except for rainy days).

Slightly higher is the hostel with Polish cuisine, for as little as 20PLN we will have a delicious dinner here. For children there is a year-round playground next to the hostel. There is a couch ski lift on Dębowiec, in summer there is also a ski lift.

At the foot of Dębowiec is built a professional rope park, adults can face the fear of heights, because the highest routes are at a height of up to 10m.

Dębowiec (Oak tree) is called a mountain of retirees, because it is easy to climb it. And in winter, when it snows on a gentle slope, you can learn how to ski.

Speaking of skiing, about 20 minutes drive from Bielsko there is one of the largest ski resorts with modern infrastructure in Poland - Szczyrk. The accommodation base is abundant, but it is necessary to book places much earlier. In Szczyrk there are about 40 km of slopes of various difficulty levels and many ski lifts, from those on donkey meadows for children to gondolas for enthusiasts of riding on difficult slopes. From November to March, Szczyrk is crowded with pistes and funny apres ski in the town.

About half an hour south of Szczyrk is Wisła, the home town of Adam Małysz, a legend of Polish ski jumping.

Several years ago in Poland reigned the so-called “Małyszomania".

When the tournaments of ski jumping were approaching, cities died out, because most of sport enthusiasts sat on TV or in bars with TV.

Currently in Wisła there is a newly built Adam Małysz ski jumping hill where summer and winter international ski jumping competitions are held.

Even if you're not a fan of this sport, it's worth to take a look at the hill and see with your own eyes what heights athletes have to face.

In Wisła there is also the residence of the President of Poland built in the 1920s. It is still used by the head of the Polish state, but can also be visited by prior reservation.

Slightly to the west is Cieszyn, a town that lies half in Poland and half in the Czech Republic (hence Ceski Cieszyn).

Today, both countries are in the Schengen area and the border is symbolic on the river, but before that, you used to have to wait in long queues to go to your neighbour.

Here, apart from the charming Old Town, with the well of Three Brothers: Bolko, Leszko and Cieszko and delicious Polish cuisine with giant portions in the restaurant “Dinners like Mom's"; there is nothing special for children.

For architecture enthusiasts we have an attraction on a global scale - on the castle hill next to the Piast Tower from 13C you will find perfectly preserved, not rebuilt, original Romanesque Rotunda Saint Nicolas from 12C. A delicacy for art history experts.

From Bielsko you can reach Auschwitz within an hour (not suitable for children under 15), and the same distance is to Wadowice (the birthplace of Karol Wojtyła - the first Polish Pope JP2).

For fun lovers it is about 45 minutes to Enerdylandia, the largest amusement park in Poland with the largest roller coaster in Europe.

In summer you can sail on Lake Żywiec and visit one of the most legendary Polish breweries - Żywiec.

Amateurs of gliders and paragliders will find their place on Góra Żar. A year-round cable car leads to the top.

Ready to visit Silesia? Do you need assistance?

We will organize a tailor-made tour. Write to us at

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