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Polish Pottery Boleslawiec - where to buy?

Polish Pottery Boleslawiec

If you ever depart from one of the large Polish airports, you will definitely find Bolesławiec pottery in one of the shops.

Bolesławiec pottery is easy to recognize: the motifs are red, dark blue, green brown and purple all painted on cream coloured base. The designs are usually dots, abstract florals, windmills and peacock eyes.

For some, they may seem rather shoddy patterns, others are fascinated by the folk flavour. The fact is that all products are handmade, there is no marketing falsity here.

Watch the video (link is provided at the end) and see for yourself.

Ceramics has been a part of Bolesławiec and the entire region’s history for an extremely long time. Potters and ceramic artists are on record from as early as the 14th century, however, archaeological digs have shown pottery and ceramics from the early Middle Ages, and trading patterns strongly indicate their presence at such an early time.

In 1897 a professional ceramics school was founded in Boleslawiec.  It was a time of great growth for Boleslawiec ceramics. 

Bolesławiec pottery was created as a mainly functional product, and still is functional today although the designs have increased in quality.

The British are big fans of this pottery, to such an extent that when in July 2017 they visited Poland, Prince William and Princess Kate received from the Polish presidential couple a coffee service from Bolesławiec.


For those who are not going to Poland in the near future, here is the address of an online shop where you can order ceramics - Boleslawiec Pottery Online Shop.

Below you will find a film of making the ceramics.

And if you wish to visit Bolesławiec - the factory and museum - just send us your request:

Polish Pottery Boleslawiec
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