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Singer's Festival in Warsaw

Isaac Bashevis Singer ( ‏יצחק באַשעוויס זינגער‎), born in Poland in 1902 in Leoncin – a village near Warsaw (died 1978 in Florida) was a Polish and American writer and journalist (mostly Yiddish-language).

Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature in 1978.

Singer’s Warsaw is an annual festival of Jewish Culture.

This 16th edition will be held between 25 Aug and 1 Sep 2019.

Though majority of events will be held in Warsaw, other Polish centers will host attractions as well.

The Nożyk Synagogue starts with a concert by Yaakov Lemmer (US), Yoni Rose (DE), Israel Rand (IL); accompaniament: Menachem Bristowski (piano).

At the end of the festival, Nigel Kennedy, the legendary violinist, will perform, inspired by Singer’s novel, The Magician From Lublin and Gerswhin’s music.

Other events include exhibitions, lectures, poetry readings, stage plays and many more.

The festival always gathers crowds and is one of the most popular events in Warsaw.

So if you happen to be in Warsaw find the detailed program here.


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