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The Battle of Warsaw - 100th anniversary

Cud nad Wisla by Jerzy Kossak
Cud nad Wisla by Jerzy Kossak

In August 1920, at Ossov and Radzymin, key battles took place in the Polish-Bolshevik war.

The battle, which took place on 14-15 August, is also called the Miracle of the Vistula River and ended with a valuable victory for Poles.

The Bolsheviks were able to stop thanks to the mobilization of the whole nation, both its elite and peasants.

The Battle of Warsaw is one of the few of those extremely important, because we saved our independence at that time, we remained a free country for 20 years, but it is also an important battle for Europe, we stopped the invasion of the totalitarian Bolshevik state, which wanted to occupy not only Poland, but Germany, maybe France and stop in the Atlantic.

On the famous painting by Jerzy Kossak, Miracle on the Vistula River, above the soldiers of the Polish army defending the bridgeheads of Warsaw from the Bolshevik aisle, shines the figure of the Mother of God, holding the broken shots.

Some claim that Our Lady's apparition was true and there are witnesses to it.

The Soviets have an overwhelming advantage with human resources. Polish Army counted 780ths people, while Bolshevik almost 4,5mln. On the front line there were ca 350ths Poles and 750ths Soviets.

The anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw attracts a record number of participants to Ossow every year. This is because next to the Fallen Cemetery an extraordinary reconstruction is taking place.

For several years now, few historical groups have been playing the 18. landmark battle in world history. Every year the reconstruction in the fields of Ossov attracts more spectators. Charge of lancers, sabre fights, pyrotechnic effects, the heroic death of the chaplain Skorupko - it's all played out with a big dose of authenticity.

All, depending on the role played, are equipped with period uniforms, replica weapons and field equipment.

This year, due to the global pandemic, the celebrations will be more modest.

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