The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Poland.

On January 3, 1993, 28 years ago, the first Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (the most famous Polish charity) took place.

Over $1. 5 million was collected.

The creator and symbol of the project is radio and television journalist, showman, social activist Jurek Owsiak.

Last year, collected amount exceeded USD 46 million!

And this year there will be another record.

This is the biggest charity event in Poland, which arouses so many positive emotions.

Each year during the campaign's final nearly 120 thousand volunteers collect money in collection boxes in many Polish cities throughout the day.

The collection is accompanied by numerous events and concerts. All day long there are broadcasts on different TV channels.

WOŚP2020, Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity 2020
WOŚP2020, Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity 2020

Well-known artists, politicians, athletes donate their precious things and souvenirs to auctions.

If you see people with red hearts stuck on their clothes, bags, cars, etc. that means you met the donor. It doesn't matter if he threw 1 PLN into the can or 100 PLN, but he's in a community of people who want to share and are proud of that.

The foundation can also be supported through the Internet, SMS or by participating in auctions.

It is unbelievable that this desire to support has reached such a scale. The annual finals are already organized by the Polish community in Asia, America and Antipodes.

The choice of the purpose for which the collection of money in a given year is to be spent is one of the most difficult decisions the Foundation has to make.

It started at the beginning of the 90s there was a lack of specialist equipment in the Children's Health Centre in Warsaw. On the first Final event, so much money was collected that it was enough for equipment also for children's hospitals in other cities.

And an avalanche of kindness and generosity began.

Every year, from the collected amounts after the Orchestra's finale, modern and specialist equipment for hospitals all over Poland is purchased.

As we read on the Orchestra's website:

“We would like to make it clear that the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation works to support Polish medicine and equip Polish hospitals, offering free, accessible medical care to all people in the country. Our supporter or not, everyone should have access to modern medical care!”.

Jurek, the founder of the Orchestra, always stresses: “we'll play till the end of the world and one day longer”.

And let's stick to that!


More about the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

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