Travel documentary by Adam Nurkiewicz


More about Adam.

What Adam can do for YOU during your travel across Poland?

A travel documentary photo shoot.

What is a travel documentary photo shoot?

It is a type of photojournalism where the main goal is to create a complete story of your travel.

Storytelling is a key to have outstanding photo material rather than “the same boring hundreds of pictures with monuments”.


Travels & tours seem to be a constantly changing process. Often there is no time to repeat the scene, circumstances, weather and much more.

In order to do not miss any moment a pro photographers’ agility is needed. Especially when the photograph has a huge experience in sport photo where the fractions of a second are crucial :)

So let’s have the great travel photo story you can share with friends & family after coming back!


Want to have a great documentary photo session from your trip?

There's nothing simpler than just tell us about that!

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Customize your trip to Poland with local travel expert.

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