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Weather in Poland

There are four seasons, though seasons do not necessarily conform to the calendar.


Autumn:  September to November. The temperature varies from +5 to +15 Celsius. Nights can be cold (+5 C to 0) and rains are frequent. 

There is a short period of time every autumn in Poland called Golden Polish Autumn. It's still warm and sunny. In September/October 2018 we had +20 C for quite a long time. Colours of the nature are spectacular! Perfect time for photographers. 


Winter:  December to February, sometimes March.

Winters in Poland vary, it may be cold and snowy or windy and rainy. Warm shoes, coats, gloves and caps are a must. 

It's perfect time for skiing and winter sports in Tatra Mountain.


Spring: from March to May.

In the past years Springs in Poland are with temperature from 5C to 15C. They may be sunny and warm (especially at the end of April) but some days may bring snow and low temperature. End of the Spring is the most beautiful time, the vegetation season begins and this may be the best time to visit Poland. 


Summer: from June to August.

The average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, and it may get as high as 30C. This is also the best season to travel in Poland.


Time change:

Poland uses Central European Time (GMT + 01:00)

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