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Wrocław (Breslau) Dwarfs – Family trip


Wroclaw is the city of over 1000 years of history. For centuries, it has various names: Wratislavia, Bresla, Breslaw, Breslau and currently Wrocław. It may be difficult to pronounce the name of the city, thus easier name has been invented – Wroclove, because you will not only remember its name, but also fall in love with it! 

Our trip proposal is not only for history and architecture lovers, but also, if not specifically... for kids. 

There are more than 500 Dwarfs figures placed all over the city. They are not more than 30cm high and quite difficult to find. Each Dwarf has its own history, but the idea has roots in communist times. The Orange Alternative, based on surreal slogans, was an illegal form of protest. Thousands of people used to come to its happenings, to mock the absurdity of everyday life in communism. The Dwarfs, started to be painted on the walls by Waldemar Frydrych, became a symbol of Orange Alternative.

At the present the new little sculptures are appearing in the city, and contribute to its modern history.

Day 1


Transfer from Wroclaw airport/railway station to your hotel.

Overnight in Wroclaw.

Wroclaw, Papa Dwarf
Day 2


We start our journey in the Old Town, where the Dwarfs story has begun. The guide will take you for a short historical tour, during which you can see unusual relics from the last 750 years in many different architectural styles – Gothic churches, classicist opera house, secessionist old town buildings and modernistic department store. 

In the afternoon it’s your time for game. You will get the map and try to find as many Dwarves as you can. 

After intensive day you will rest in one of the beautiful hotel in the Old Town.

Wroclaw Dwarf
Day 3


Today you still have a chance “to catch” some Dwarfs as we are planning to visit other parts of Wroclaw. One of them is Hydropolis – Knowledge Centre About Water. This modern and multimedia museum show water from different fascinating perspectives. Ideal place not only for kids, adults will also discover here the magic of water!

Last evening we celebrate in one of the oldest restaurant in the Town Square with its own brewery, where you can relax and taste polish delicatessen. 

And compare, who found the largest number of Dwarfs!

Wroclaw Dwarf
Day 4


After breakfast you will be transferred to airport/railway station in Wroclaw.


If you wish to extend your stay and do the other sightseeing tours in Wroclaw and surroundings, please let us know in your comments here.


Please note, that you can always modify your trip. Let us help you to plan your tailor made program.

Upon inquiry a detailed quote will be provided.

Wroclaw Dwarf
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